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About me

Recently graduating with a Bachelor of Interior Design (Residential) from Billy Blue College of Design (Torrens University) I believe design should be functional, aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.


Arriving in Australia 4 years ago for a year of travel and self-growth but turning into finding a new passion, I found in interior design the perfect combination of being challenged, working for a client, constant evolution and growth, creativity and aesthetics.

Having participated in competition in equestrian jumping since my youth, training, patience and team work to aim for excellence are part of my make-up.

20210413_131933 (1) (1).jpg
20210413_131933 (1) (1).jpg


Producing consistently high, professional standard of work is important to me as I have a strong work ethic. Being curious about our world, and environment is a strong inspirational source. Learning, asking questions and evolving is also some of the qualities I value.

Photography by Celine Green


I am looking to immerse myself in an environment where my passion for design will become professional, and my skills refined and improved.  My goal is to keep learning and contributing in the design industry, mostly in high-end residential. 

Photography by Celine Green
Celine Green
Interior designer

Tel: 043 392 3108

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