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Brief : 

Documentation production:

  • Apply appropriate construction systems to the documentation of a residential interior proposal

  • Create and produce professional documentation to communicate design proposals to clients, project managers, consultants and contractors

  • Demonstrate skills in computer aided documentation of residential interior environments

  • Critically evaluate building systems in the design of nominated residential interior environments.

  • Barbecue area, pergola and pond should be included in the terrasse

  • Modelling 3D of stairs, louvre window, single flush door and Bi-fold door compliant to BCA.

  • Suspended ceiling with shadow line

  • Location of all rooms can be rearranged within the existing apartment shell. 

  • Ceiling heights to comply with BCA (i.e habitable room versus non-habitable rooms)

  • Skirtings must be included throughout apartment.

  • All existing windows to be retained and all new windows can be either aluminium, steel or timber framed - to be detailed. (Find a system to suit)

  • All existing doors to be retained and all new doors can be either aluminium or timber framed - to be detailed. (Find a system to suit - H=2400mm)

  • Provide detailed construction drawings of new internal stair to connect Levels 5 & 6 (including details of handrail / balustrade / stair structure / floor structure junctions)

  • Kitchen is to be carefully planned and all joinery to be detailed, including appropriate finishes and fixtures (opening systems / hinges / drawer systems / waste management etc.).

  • Wet areas are to be carefully planned and all joinery to be detailed, including appropriate finishes and fixtures.

  • All joinery to be custom-made and detailed (Wardrobe / living area / storage / laundry etc.)

  • All materials and finishes should be chosen carefully and fit for purpose where used in the unit (must be durable, robust and low maintenance, no carpet allowed).

  • All fixtures, appliances, furniture, lighting fixtures, hi-fi equipment will be found from existing Revit library, online, and / or to be modelled.

  • Colour scheme must reflect and enhance your overall proposal.


Interior design

2 storey high end apartment

Documentation set 


Fictional client:

Marion & Will baker


545/46 Baywater drive, Wentworth Point. 2127 NSW





2022-11-13 (23)_edited.jpg
2022-11-13 (28)_edited.jpg

Oak character
brushed grey oil

Marble Arctic frost

2022-11-13 (28)_edited.jpg


2022-11-13 (26)_edited.jpg

Marble Calcatta Viola

2022-11-08 (2)_edited.jpg

Laminex- Fox Teakwood

2022-11-13 (26)_edited.jpg

Laminex- Black nuance

2022-11-13 (18).png

Site & Location

2022-11-13 (19).png
2022-11-13 (20).png
2022-11-13 (21).png
2022-11-13 (22).png

Furniture board

2022-11-13 (25).png


2022-11-13 (26).png


2022-11-13 (23).png


2022-11-13 (28).png


2022-11-13 (24).png


Initial proposed floorplan

2022-11-13 (27).png


2022-11-02 (35).png
2022-11-02 (36).png
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